Friday, June 18, 2010

Megabus Part Deux!

Well, there was a minor freakout for a while there, as the power was out on the bus and I had to shut off my iPhone to conserve battery. But power is back! However, the bus is still crawling along at what feels like 45 mph. Make that 15 mph. Hopefully we'll get there before Sunday.

I've got some exciting posts in the hopper, including Part Two of my guide to CrossFit, and a tribute to Butter Jesus. Who/What is Butter Jesus, you ask? You'll have to stay tuned to find out. These posts require much linkage and photograph-age and right now I'm mobile, bare-bones blogging only.

So for now I would like to share a thought I had today--which is totally inappropriate, unsuitable for minors, and probably indicative of a serious problem--about an aspect of drinking I kind of enjoy. It's this: I think it's funny to wake up the next morning, and slowly start to remember all the stupid shit I said and did the night before. Like: why was I running up and down the steps of all the brownstones on my walk home, chanting, "Up the stairs! Down the stairs!" the whole way? Or yelling, "Kobe, you suck!" at a bar half-filled with Lakers fans? Because I'm an idiot, that's why.

So kids, do as Auntie Snippy says and not as she does: drink in moderation! Forgetting things you did while drunk is dangerous and not funny at all.

The bus has slowed to a stop on the highway. Help!

4 hours, 20 minutes down, hours to go: endless

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