Saturday, June 19, 2010

Highway to Hell

This is the second time I have been on a torturously long bus ride and thought: maybe I have died and am in some sort of awful purgatory, where I am forced to ride a bus for all eternity, forever deprived of decent food, sleep and an empty bladder.

We have probably been clocking an average speed of 45 mph this whole trip. It is insanity. I am losing my mind. I wish 1990s Sandra Bullock would bust in and press this guy's foot down on the pedal. To be fair, there is a lot of construction going on. But still, we're in a freaking megabus! Take out some orange cones, dude. Ain't no thing.

But back to that first bus trip, it was Barcelona to Granada. The one memorable thing about the ride was my friend M. relieving himself in his Nalgene bottle about an hour into the trip. His brilliant plan to get tanked before the 14-hour drive had one flaw: no bathrooms on the bus.

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  1. I had a nightmarish bus ride back from Nashville to Cleveland once; my friend Leigh was with me & I spent the ride listening to the guy behind us on the phone saying just hilarious things like "my girl ain't pretty but that is the way I like it 'cause she's always home waiting for me when I get out of jail." & with a towel over my head pretending to be the ghost of Abe Lincoln.

    Jenny & I dated long distance for a long time & so I've had plenty of planes, trains & buses in my past but that one takes the cake.