Thursday, April 22, 2010

Behind the Headlines

In the news: 

CINCINNATI -- Police arrested a man after he was found passed out in a drive-thru line Tuesday night in Colerain Township.

Deputies say 52-year-old Thomas Tauscher of Arcanum, Ohio, drove to the Skyline in the 10000 block of Colerain Avenue and fell asleep in the drive-thru line.

The part they didn't print in the paper:

The drunk driver was discovered asleep by the people in the vehicle behind his.  "He was slumped over the steering wheel, man," said the red-eyed driver, who declined to give his name. "I was like, move it dude, I want my chili!"

"I really wanted some cheesey chili," said the passenger, who also declined to be identified. "I was going to get me a three-way. Ha! Three-way!" The passenger then laughed for four minutes before getting back into his vehicle, which smelled vaguely of skunk and incense.

Read the true story here: Drunk Driver Passes Out in Drive-Thru
And if you've never been to Cincinnati, and have no idea what a three-way is: Skyline Chili

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